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What is Web Design

What must good web site have for designing great performing web sites

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Creativity: A website should look appealing and be relevant to the identity and brand the client wants to portray.

Business Sense: The website should be able to convert visitors into business. Web design alone will not achieve this.

Know the Customer - You need to know the target audience, what they would like to see and how they would want to use your website.

Navigation Structure: Clear, easy to use navigation to any relevant information. The last thing you want is for a user to leave your website, because although you had the information they were looking for, the user could not find it.

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Layout of Website: Clean, Well spaced, symmetrical, easy on the eye, aesthetically appealing.

Layout of Content/Text: - Content that compliments one another, well clear defined headings

Search Engine Knowledge: You should know how the search engines rank a website, how they view a website. What you need to do, to get the website onto the 1st page of Google. It is certainly not all about keyword stuffing, trust me!

A Website needs to be designed in such a way, that it will appeal to the majority of visitors. It shouldn't only appeal to you the client. More importantly, the users must not only like the website, they must be sold on your product or service and the website must get them to make contact and buy the product or

The Web Site usability Checklist


  • The web site must load in a reasonable time
  • The text-to-background contrast should be adequate
  • The Font size and line spacing is easy to read
  • Is the Flash and add-ons used sparingly or does the flash add-ons take time to download
  • Do the images have appropriate ALT and TITLE tags
  • Does the web site have custom not-found 404 page


  • Is your company's logo prominently displayed
  • Is the tagline making your company's purpose clear
  • Can your user digest your home-page in 5 seconds
  • Is there a clear path to your company information like an ABOUT US button
  • Is there a clear path to contact information like a CONTACT US button


  • Is the main navigation easily identifiable and easy to use
  • The navigation labels are clear and concise to read and functionable
  • The number of buttons and links are reasonable
  • The company logo is linked to home-page or to your company portal page
  • The Links are consistent and easily identifiable
  • The site search is easy to access and works properly


  • All major headings are clear and descriptive with the use of h1, h2 and h3 tags
  • Critical content is above the "fold"
  • The styles and colours are consistent with the corporate identity
  • The use of bold is used sparingly
  • Ads & pop-ups do not irritate the user or takes the users attention away from the sites main message
  • The main content is to the point
  • The use of the url's is meaningful and user friendly


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