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Brian Walsh is considered a leading authority on entrepreneurship and human behavior. He is the founder of The REAL EntrepreneurT Institute, a private research and education organization dedicated to empower entrepreneurs to live a life of true wealth, freedom and meaning.

Having started his first business at the age of 17, Brian has many years' experience as an entrepreneur. After many difficulties and failures with certain of his businesses, he traveled overseas in 1996 to find his purpose. He returned with the knowledge that this was to help people help themselves, and due to his own entrepreneurial journey, Brian decided to focus his efforts on entrepreneurs. It is Brian's belief that these are individuals who bravely take on huge risk in the quest for a better quality of life. Unfortunately, many fall foul of the pitfalls of entrepreneurship, and historically there has been minimal assistance or guidance available to entrepreneurs.

Brian's career includes running music studios and a management company for five years in Cape Town. He then joined a medium-sized, listed company in the fishing industry, before starting his career in human development and digital media.

Brian considers himself a human development specialist, having trained in Europe, Japan and South Africa, and having studied with some of the world's leading experts in this field including the NLP and motivational specialist, Emile Ratelband from The Netherlands.

His vision is to create a network of over 1 million entrepreneurs throughout Africa, and to help as many of them as possible to become wealthy. In achieving this, Brian believes that we will see a significant reduction in poverty and a far greater quality of life for all people.



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