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An easier way to do e-commerce

eShop is an affordable, easy and secure online shopping store solution, in today's time-strapped lifestyle, eShop can get your store up and selling products online in less than 10 minutes!

eShop is a user-friendly ecommerce solution for any business, from SOHOs to large enterprises and requires no programming skills. eShop takes care of all the headaches of online payment security to allow you to have an ecommerce shopping facility that integrates into your existing website, or multiple websites, social networks and blog pages. Yes, create an eShop store, Copy & Paste the code into your current website for a great online presence!

The eShop shopping cart has built-in features to maintain your inventory, orders, coupons and much more. eShop's great flexibility allows API developers to either create their own plugins, or utilise our current Developer Network created ones. Future plug-ins coming soon, include integration with Pastel Partner, Pastel Evolution, Bulk Emailing & the new directory website.

10 Quick Features

  • Seamless integration & upgrades
  • Fast & Easy to Use
  • FREE & Affordable options
  • Automatic SSL certificate
  • Less than 10 minutes to setup and start selling
  • Inventory Tracking & Stock Notifications
  • Various Payment & Shipping Methods
  • Sell on Social Media pages e.g. Facebook
  • Mobi-store Mobile option
  • Google Analytics monitor store traffic

Design & Interface

  • Integrates with your existing website
  • No software installation required
  • Drag & Drop support
  • Customizable CSS design schemes
  • Customizable Email Notifications

Shopping Experience

  • AJAX based interface
  • Category and product descriptions
  • Product Attribute variations
  • Numerous Shipping variation options
  • Automatic thumbnail generation

Order & Promotions

  • Facebook Integration
  • Customer Order History
  • South African Payment Gateways
  • Discount Coupons
  • Configurable Shipping/Tax Zones

Key Features

eShop brings you a variety of useful features, key among these are the ability to Register for a FREE eShop store and get your e-commerce web presence up and running within 10 minutes. Selling online has never been easier, you can manage one store and display it over multiple websites, including Social Network pages. Simply load you products' Images & Descriptions, including Pricing variances within a Product. Select your preferred methods of Ordering (includes Phone Ordering Only), secure South African Payment Gateways and various Shipping calculation options, including real-time shipping costings. With eShop's paid options you have the flexibility to setup Inventory Tracking & Stock Notifications, integration of Google Analytics, Gift Coupons, .Mobi adaptability and so much more . (Pastel integration coming soon)

It Is Free!

Yes, eShop has an absolutely FREE version that will always be available!

Software products have been offered on a Freemium basis, since the 1980s. This terminology is based on a combination of the words 'Free' and 'Premium', where a service is provided Free of charge, and the advanced features and functionality are paid for.

We at eShop are convinced that once you have experimented with our FREE Version and start selling online, you will want to upgrade and extend your product ranges to sell to your client base.

Can be easily integrated into any website

eShop's easy integration process in 3 steps: Register a FREE or paid eShop account; Login to your Control Panel; Copy the eShop shopping cart widget; Paste the coding into your website page. It's that easy and simple to use! eShop is easily integrated into Joomla, Drupal and Google template-based websites.

Simple to use and easy to maintain

eShop has been designed to be as User Friendly as possible with Drag & Drop, both for our Clients and their Customers. Configuration of Ordering, Payment, Shipping & Stock Control1 options, as well Product uploads are done quickly and easily. Customisation of the colour scheme requires minimal CSS and numerous easy to apply Plug-ins are available for template-based websites e.g. WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, with many more coming soon.

Seamless Upgrades

All eShop's upgrades are seamlessly done from our backend and require no effort from yourself, content driven websites are just as seamlessly integrated. As we add New Features and Functionality, all eShop clients will benefit, unless it is exclusively a paid package feature.

Facebook And Other Social Media

Expand your client market awareness by integrating with your Social Media pages. eShop's easy functionality, quickly and efficiently loads your store to your Facebook page via the Facebook API.3 Customers that are logged on to a social network can be automatically logged in to your eShop store. Clients can 'Share & Like' your products, aand any information about their recent purchases with their friends.

Integrated payment gateways

eShop has fully integrated secure South African Payment Gateways e.g. Virtual Card Services (, PayFast (, NetCash ( EFT & Cheque payments are available, thus giving the store owner the versatility to afford their clients ease of payment through a variety of options.

For those that are used to Paypal, you will be pleased to know that it is a feature eShop is looking at integrating in the very near future.

Built-In shipping service

eShop has partnered with MDS Collivery (, a countrywide collection & delivery company, providing all eShop stores with an efficient, affordable and cost-effective delivery service. eShop and MDS Collivery offer an integrated service that updates Calculated Shipping Rates, ensuring that your eShop store has delivery and collection shipping prices available online immediately they are changed. MDS Collivery is a simple sign-up and both you and your customers will benefit from their services, which include tracking of all their purchases via the MDS Collivery website. eShop's Real Time Shipment Tracking feature, uses email notifications to advise on the delivery status of purchased goods, both to store owners and customers alike.


eShop is powered by Amazon Web Services, thereby offering security and peace of mind that your store's availability and speed of delivery is the best. With their cost-effective on demand infrastructure to power eShop, we can keep offering FREE accounts! Amazon's Web Service is a global secure technology platform built and managed by one of the largest web companies in the world, thereby allowing eShop to assure its clients of a highly reliable, speedy and inexpensive application platform and data storage service.

All Features

eShop is packed full of amazing features to ensure our clients' e-commerce experience is easy, efficient, dependable and secure, via our SSL portal and use of South African Payment Gateways (VCS, PayFast & PayPal). eShop is hosted on a prominent global, technologically-advanced platform by AWS (Amazon Web Services), affording our clients data security, speed and above all, reliability. No downtime interference from upgrades, as eShop seamlessly integrates them via the back-end, no matter how many stores you are controlling from one account.

We offer a FREE version (limited to 10 products) to assist you in getting your eShop store up and running as quickly as possible, so you may start selling online today. When you realise how easy it is to make money from your online store, and wish to include a larger range of products, you can easily and effortlessly upgrade to a suitable and affordable eShop paid package.

eShop is easy to setup and allows you to manage your store across numerous websites, mobile devices and/or social media networks. Once your Categories and Products are loaded, shipping and VAT and discount coupons can be easily set-up and Shipping maintenance is easy and if utilising our Shipping Partner calculating shipping costs couldn't be more streamlined, as we update them directly from MDS in Real Time.

Shopping Experience

  • Lightning fast AJAX interface
  • Drag-and-drop support:
  • Store Owner - Change order of categories and products
  • Customer - Products into shopping cart (Easy Ordering = Increased Sales)
  • Customer can view purchased goods in Product List and continue buying
  • Real-time Shipping Pricing from Store to shipping location (FedEx, UPS and MDS Collivery)
  • Checkout via Customer Profile or quick checkout (no profile required)
  • Additional Delivery Addresses (Customer profile)
  • Address Book easier purchasing & shipping (Customer profile)
  • Media-rich category and product descriptions
  • Accept Terms & Conditions prior to ordering (Paid Account Only)
  • PriceCheck Integration (Paid Account Only) - products automatically synchronised into a Merchant's account
  • Marketplaces - Register on Shopping Comparison websites (Paid Account Only): Google Shopping
  • Shopzilla
  • BizRate
  • PriceGrabber
  • Amazon Product Ads
  • Nextag

Design, Integration & Architecture

  • Integrates with your website in two minutes (Copy & Paste widget)
  • Product Catalogue and Navigation via eShop means your Store can be live instantly!
  • No software installation required
  • SSL encryption
  • Widgets anywhere in your website e.g. Product Browser, Product Search, Mini-cart (Advanced API for those that require it)
  • Categories widget displays categories/products horizontally or vertically
  • Pre-set and Customizable CSS design schemes (Web designers customise CSS theme)
  • Generates 'Add to cart' links for custom pages - eShop manages the ecommerce side
  • New Functionality upgrades integrate seamlessly (Package Dependant)
  • Mobi-site automatically created
  • Responsive Design for all mobile platforms
  • Google Gadget
  • Catalogue Management


  • Create multiple categories and sub-categories on multiple levels
  • Organise display with 'Drag & Drop'
  • Thumbnail image
  • WYSIWYG based descriptions


  • SKU numbers (Stock Keeping Unit)
  • Weight specifications - easier shipping
  • Display in multiple categories
  • WYSIWYG based descriptions
  • Multiple images in gallery (Automatic thumbnail generation with image sharpening)
  • Configurable options per product e.g. drop-downs, radio buttons, text, date picker, files
  • Different pricing within product e.g. Small, Medium, Large
  • Date Picker to register a specific special/event
  • Client can upload files

Display via different variables:

  • Date Added
  • A to Z / Z to A
  • Pricing e.g. Highest - Lowest / Lowest-Highest
  • Purchase via Drag & Drop
  • Customer online Product Status view - purchased/accepted
  • Compare Price -displays Sale/Discount as Value/Percentage (Was R100.00 now R75.00)
  • Multiple Bulk Discount levels e.g 1 @ R50.00, 2 -5 @ R30.00, 5+ @ R20.00


  • Link Expiry Download - set to no. of hours/none
  • Link Qty Download - downloads allowed prior to expiry

Stock Control:

  • Inventory Tracking
  • Out-of-Stock - set stock order reminder
  • Options & Product combinations (Premium Account Only)

Customer File Attachment:

  • Customers can attach files to orders (Premium Account Only)
  • Orders
  • Customise E-mail Notifications (Admin and Customer)
  • Order History (Admin and Customer)
  • Payment Status options e.g. Accepted, Declined, Cancelled, Queued, Chargeable
  • Shipping Status options
  • New, Processing, Shipped, Delivered, Will not Deliver
  • Courier Tracking Number
  • Invoice printing
  • Unfinished Order View
  • South African Payment Gateways
  • Virtual Card Services (
  • PayFast (
  • PayPal & PayPal Express Checkout
  • Offline Configuration e.g EFT payments and Phone & Fax Ordering options
  • Min/Max Order Limits
  • Zero Value Bypass Payment i.e. bypass payment gateway for Free give-aways
  • Tracking Code can be added to 'Thank you - order page'
  • Customer Add Comments - additional information on order
  • Accept T&C's - prior to purchasing

View Orders options:

  • All
  • Last 10
  • Paid but not shipped
  • Placed but not paid
  • Unfinished

View Sales options:

  • Date (Today, Date Specific, This Week, This Month, This Quarter, This Year, Lifetime)
  • Payment Status (Accepted, Declined, Cancelled, Queued, Chargeable)
  • Payment Method
  • Delivery Method
  • Amount
  • Customer IP in order details (Premium Account Only)
  • Add Custom Prefix/ Suffix to Order ID (Premium Account Only)
  • Set Order Number - to fit into company specific numbering sequence (Premium Account Only)
  • Unfinished Orders for target marketing (Paid Account Only)
  • Customer Groups - select your own criteria and target only the customers in a specific group. (Paid Account Only)

Shipping & Tax

  • Configure Tax Zones for different tax rates and rules
  • Configure Shipping Rates & Rules:
  • Set regional/national/global shipping rates
  • Flat Rate options - value or percentage-based
  • Custom Table - almost unlimited variations
  • Table-based - Subtotal or Weight
  • Rate-based - Weight Range or Range, Subtotal , Weight
  • Range-based - Per Order, Per Item, Percentage Charge, Per Kg
  • Speed of Delivery options
  • Courier Calculated - Real-time calculation based on eShop integrated courier
  • Real-time Shipment Tracking via eShop integrated courier
  • Data Management
  • Product CSV Import
  • Delimiter (Tab, Comma, Semicolon)
  • Allows re-ordering of imported columns
  • Order Export CSV
  • Delimiter (Tab, Comma, Semicolon)
  • 27 Data Fields allowed
  • Configurable Format and Units
  • Currency Display
  • Currency
  • Weight Unit
  • Date & Time Variables
  • Store Promotions
  • Social Media
  • Facebook
  • Facebook Page integration
  • Facebook Like for products
  • Facebook Send
  • Facebook Comments
  • Twitter
  • Google +
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr
  • Discount Coupons (Premium Account Only)
  • Coupon Value Options - Value or Percentage-based, Free Shipping
  • Coupon Settings based on:
  • Start date, end date or unlimited timeframe
  • Orders - All orders, where subtotal > R value
  • User Qty - Unlimited, One Per Customer, Single Use Only
  • Customers - All, Repeat Client Only
  • Custom Coupon Code
  • Coupon Reports - Active, Paused, Expired, Used, View used coupon clients, Life-span


  • JavaScript API - developer retrieval of data from eShop functions e.g. shopping cart contents, as well as modifications of certain eShop system behaviours
  • Product API - developer information retrieval re products, categories from an eShop store
  • Order API - secure access to your orders, data can be retrieved from the eShop server via eShop REST API, which is protected by the secret key.
  • Instant Order Notifications API - eShop notifications to an external application e.g. new orders placed, new customers registered, order status changed, important events, etc.


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